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Windows CE Future Directions FAQ
By Chris De Herrera, Copyright 1998
 Version 1.00  Revised 3/22/98


This is my idea about where the direction that Windows CE is going.  There is no guarantee that any or all of this will be come reality.  I've been considering what is wrong now and what else would be nice to add.  I do not work for Microsoft or any of the hardware manufacturers so don't take this as a future statement by them.  Please e-mail me if you find an error in this information or you have something else to add to the list at Chris@Pocket PC FAQ.

Operating System

  • Add Word, Excel and PowerPoint converters on the Handheld PC

  • Add stand alone Pocket Word, Pocket Excel and Pocket PowerPoint desktop converters

  • Add built-in converters for Pocket Application data files to Office desktop suite

  • Add ability to sync handheld to handheld or palm pc

  • add color inkjet printer support

  • Add the ability to see free and used space on storage cards.

  • display the description of all installed storage cards in the Control Panel -> System

  • Video Conferencing

  • Paint program

  • macros

  • video player - avi, mpeg, mov

  • Add the ability to see the the Windows CE screen on an external monitor at all times.

  • Add DDE (dynamic data exchange) and OLE (object linking and embedding) to the system.


  • Add ping utility

  • Add TCP/IP host file support

  • Add redirector for NT/95 drive access

  • Add network printing

  • Add winipcfg utility

  • Add built-in telnet with file transfer and capture

  • Add built-in ftp

  • more supported Ethernet cards

  • Add support for multiple configurations for different Ethernet settings


  • Add Exchange client

  • Increase limit on text messages from 16k - make them attachments if necessary.

  • Add the ability to convert attachments to and from Pocket Word/Pocket Excel /Pocket PowerPoint format.



  • Increase the number of ActiveSync hosts

  • Add the ability to specify where Synchronized files are stored on the Handheld PC and desktop.

  • Support graphical notes in Outlook 97/98.


  • Add cell linked references to cells on another files

  • Add graphing to capabilities


  • Headers/footers w/ Page Numbers

  • Add tables in Pocket Word

  • Add Word Count

Internet Explorer

  • Add Java

  • Add Java Script

  • Add VBScript

  • Add dithering to jpeg decompression

Pocket Outlook

  • Fix 7am bug on Mips in Calendar (Can not schedule 7am appointments - must be 6:59 or 7:01)

  • Fix 10/31/99 all day event bug on all systems (Any all day event on 10/31/99 shows up as 10/30/99)

  • Add Month at a glance like the Palm PC

  • Add Year at a glance like the Palm PC

  • Display the Number of contacts/Number of selected contacts


  • USB

  • Firewire

  • Irda 1.1 (4mbits/second)

  • parallel port

  • mouse port

  • more colors in color displays

  • larger color displays

  • external keyboards

  • scsi cards - cdrom, zip drive

  • Joystick

  • Compact Flash I/O cards


If you could get a handheld or notebook with all these features for under $1,000 how could you not buy it?  This is my idea about where the direction that Windows CE is going.  There is no guarantee that any or all of this will be come reality.

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