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Compaq WL100 Driver Installation
By Chris De Herrera, Copyright 2004
 Version 1.05  Revised 3/7/2004

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The Compaq WL100 driver works with many of the 802.11b PC Card Wireless LAN cards.  The WL-100 driver supports the National Semiconductor (Intersil) chipset that many manufacturers use.  This article explains how to install and use the driver.   If you have already installed either the WL-100 or the Intersil driver, you must perform a hard reset and reinstall the driver in order to upgrade.   I do not recommend attempting to install the Intersil driver and the WL100 driver on the same Pocket PC.

Note:  The use of another vendors drivers is not supported by either hardware vendor.  So if you run into difficulty, there is no support available.

WL100 Drivers - Hewlett Packard

Operating System Release
Windows XP SP21265
Handheld PC 2000 SP15586
Windows CE 3.0 SP15588
Pocket PC 2000 SP16044
Windows CE 2.11 SP15585
Aero 8000 (Beta) SP13702

Another option is to install the Linksys WPC11 driver which has been tested with the NetGear MA401 and SMC2632W PC Cards.  The driver name is WPC11NDS.DLL and it supports WEP.

You can download the Intersil Prism 2.0 or 3.0 drivers from Prime Electronics and Satellite.  The driver name is PRISMNDS.DLL.

Note: If you have the WL100 card, you may need to install new firmware (SP15584) to support 128 bit encryption.  For other cards you can try the SMC firmware update program which apparently is the OEM version from Intersil.


Install the Compaq WL-100 driver on your PC and use ActiveSync to complete the installation.  Then perform a soft reset to complete the installation of the drivers.  Then when you insert the card, you need to enter WL100NDS.dll as the driver name for the driver without WEP support.  For the driver with WEP support and the Intersil Driver, enter PRISMNDS.dll.  Don't forget to perform a soft reset after installing the driver.  If the card is not recognized after the soft reset, you may have to perform a hard reset of your Pocket PC or Handheld PC to successfully install the driver.  The most common reason for this problem is if the card was inserted before the driver was installed. I suggest installing and testing the driver right after performing a hard reset to avoid possible conflicts.


Now you can use your 802.11b Wireless LAN card with the Compaq WL-100 driver or the Intersil Driver  to access the internet or sync.

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