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Terminal Server/Citrix FAQ
By Chris De Herrera, Copyright 2001
Version 1.02  Revised 6/16/2001

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Using a Terminal Server Client with a Pocket PC, Handheld PC or Palm-size PC really provides an infinite expansion of their capabilities.  You are able to run all the standard desktop applications including surfing the internet with Internet Explorer.  Also, you can use Office 2000 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access) right on your device as well.  

Installing the Terminal Server Client on the Pocket PC

You can install the H/PC Pro version of Terminal Server on the Pocket PC.  Just install the H/PC Terminal Server Client on your desktop. The .CAB files are stored in \Program Files\Microsoft ActiveSync\Terminal Server Client for Windows CE, Handheld PC Edition. Then copy the appropriate .CAB file to your Pocket PC and click on it to install it.  The SA1100 is the StrongARM version that works with the iPAQ.  Note:  There is no right click support.  The Terminal Server client does support 56 bit encryption however 128 bit encryption is not supported.  You may want to map one of your buttons to launch the Input Panel (pop-up keyboard).  This is done by clicking on Start - Settings - Buttons. Select a button you want to map and select <Input Panel>.  It is at the top of the list of options.


Mike Lynch has provided the following screen shots and recommendations about Citrix that some users may find helpful.

As many of you are already aware, there is a Citrix ICA client that works with the iPaq (and other PPCs). The client is actually for the Palm-size PC however it does run on the Pocket PCs as well.  However, I notice a lot of comments regarding the obvious screen-size differences. I generally run my sessions at 240 x 295, so no scrolling is required, and this makes the session much more pleasant (IMO). Still as some PC apps won't work at this resolution, I also have created a 640 x 480 connection, for each of my Citrix servers. In other words, if the server was called Atlas, I'd have an AtlasSmall and an AtlasLarge connection, in my Remote Application Manager window. Ditto for any other connections.

Editors Note: I discussed what you can do with Citrix that you can not do with Terminal Server from your Pocket PC.  In Citrix you can map network drives and printers to your Pocket PC.  So you can share files directly with your servers.  It is unclear whether or not printing will function due to the lack of support for printing in the Pocket PC

Here are some screen-shots, using ICA at 240 x 295 as the window size:

Here's a shot of the Desktop:

And here's the Start Menu

My Computer:

And Internet Explorer:

Here is the desktop at 640 x 480:

Screen Shots courtesy of Mike Lynch

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