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Sending Mail with Different ISPs
By Chris De Herrera, Copyright 2002
Revised 10/8/2002

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The Desire...

After you have purchased a Pocket PC and you wan to use it with one e-mail address to send and receive e-mail. So you go out and get an ISP account and setup the e-mail.  It works great through that one provider.  Then you say, well I really need dialup access so you attempt to use the ISPs dialup service (if they have one) and try it there.  Finally you'll try services like GPRS wireless and try to send and receive e-mail as well.  Somewhere along the line you may find that you cannot send e-mail with your ISP.  This article describes why this is occurring.  I'll also give some ideas on how to work around  the problem.

Security - Preventing SPAM

Basically each e-mail server has security controls which prevent users from sending e-mail that is not from their service.  These controls can include checking the IP address of the remote destination, asking the user to authenticate to send e-mail (SPA), confirming the originating e-mail domain name is the same as the ISPs.  All of these functions can prevent users from sending e-mail through SMTP (Simple Mail Transport Protocol).  Each ISP has different rules about what you can and can't do so I suggest contacting the ISP and finding out what the rules are before you get started with trying a new service.

Picking Up E-Mail

I have found that most POP3 e-mail servers allow users to receive e-mail from
any connection.  So you should be able to receive your e-mail via wireless, cable modem, ADSL and dialup without problems.


The workarounds I have found so far include:

  1. Finding an ISP that allows you to send e-mail through different services.
  2. Using web based e-mail like which access POP3 e-mail servers.   I realize this is may require more online time that people want.
  3. Setting up your own domain and using it to send all your mail.  You need to make sure you check with your ISP to confirm that they allow you to send e-mail.  One great side benefit to this is that your e-mail address will no longer change since you don't care what ISP you are using.


I created this article to explain why users are unable to send e-mail using different ISPs.  If you have other ideas on how to resolve this, feel free to e-mail me at Chris De Herrera.

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