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Configure a Proxy Connection to use your Desktop Internet Connection to get Newsgroups
By Michael Boone, Copyright 2001

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Here is how to set up a proxy connection to access newsgroups through your desktop Internet connection.  If you are looking for instructions to surf the Internet through the desktop connection with Pocket IE, try clicking here.

1.  You need a working ActiveSync connection to your Pocket PC.  If you can connect and synchronize, you are OK here.

2.  Download a proxy server program.  My current favorite is AnalogX proxy (free).

3.  For newsgroups, download and install a copy of Ink Spot CE which is my personal favorite of the newsreaders.  (See reviews of all available Pocket PC newsreader software)  Remember, if you use PPCNewz or NewsPC, you don't need a proxy setup, and I have been unable to get News Force to work with a proxy.

4.  Install the proxy software to your desktop PC. AnalogX runs in the system tray, and if you right click on the system icon and choose "Configure," you will see the setup screen.  Here is where you enter the name of your news server. You can see that my news server is  You will have to contact your Internet provider to find your news server name, or use the free server for the microsoft.public groups.
5.  Run Ink Spot CE on the Pocket PC.  For setup options, enter as your news server on the Pocket PC device.  DO NOT enter the real name of your news server. points Ink Spot to the proxy software, and the proxy software then points to the real news server you set up in the last step.    Under the connection tab on Ink Spot, choose USB (if you sync via USB port).
6.  You should be all set to download newsgroups.  Choose the newsgroups you want to read in Ink Spot and you are ready to connect!

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