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Pocket PC 2002 SD Support
By Chris De Herrera , Copyright 2001
Revised 11/15/2001

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What is SD?

SD stands for Secure Digital.  It is a small format for data storage a little larger than a postage stamp. Also it is about 2mm thick.  SD also is unique in it's capability to support data encryption gf information stored on it.  Also, it uses a serial interface to read and write to the flash memory at 2 megabits per second so it's slower than CompactFlash.  An additional feature of SD is the support for peripherals so look for peripherals like Bluetooth coming soon.  As always, you need drivers to support these new peripherals.

SD Support in the Pocket PC 2002

SD is supported in many of the new Pocket PC 2002s.  This support includes SD for peripherals as well as encryption in terms of the hardware capabilities.  In terms of the Pocket PC 2002 operating system, Microsoft did not implement a way for users to specify that data stored is encrypted or not.  From my discussions with Microsoft, all data is stored unencrypted unless you use a 3rd party encryption program.  I suspect that the SD encryption may be available to developers however I have not been able to confirm the API that is used.  It may be implemented in a vendor specific way.  So if  you need encryption, make sure you contract your hardware OEM and confirm how they are implementing encryption.

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