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Möbius & The Microsoft Mobility Community Council - 2001
By Chris De Herrera , Copyright 2001

Revised 9/18/2001

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Some cool Meetings at Microsoft

During the first week of September I was invited to Microsoft to be part of the Möbius 2001 and the Microsoft Mobility Community Council (M2C2). The Möbius 2001 event on the 7th and 8th focused on the new Pocket PC 2002 which was announced on the 6th. It was cool to be part of a larger group of people that are focusing on PDAs including people that use Palm OS devices and their insight into how the Pocket PC compares to the Palm.

The Microsoft Mobility Community Council 

The M2C2 focused on discussing the new Pocket PC 2002. We also focused on providing feedback to Microsoft about the Pocket PC and the Pocket PC 2002 which was announced while we were there on September 6th.  I have been a part of this group for the past 3 years and seen it's focus change as Microsoft has evolved their product strategy.  This group are all dedicated supporters of the Pocket PC and Microsoft's Mobility strategy.

Möbius 2001

Möbius 2001 introduced the Pocket PC 2002 to about 50 influential Website writers. This group spanned from Pocket PC only websites to general PDA websites and even Palm OS specific sites.  Each person that attended was provided with an iPAQ (3670) with the Pocket PC 2002 on it.

It was neat to see this large group of PDA users get together and talk about what's going on in the PDA space.  I enjoyed many discussions about what the Pocket PC 2002 does and helped people with their iPAQ Pocket PC's with the Pocket PC 2002 operating system.  We discussed the new features and characteristics of the Pocket PC 2002 in detail.  These included a Keynote by Juha Christiensen (Microsoft VP of Sales and Marketing),  ActiveSync 3.5 by Sandra Vargas, Connection Manager - Zeke Koch, Derek Jacoby of Microsoft Research showed a demo of voice recognition on the iPAQ (unfortunately it won't be made available to the public since it was a research project only). Also, Microsoft discussed their .NET solution for supporting all these different devices via a web browser, wap browser or cellular phone.  We had multiple roundtable discussions about what the Zen of mobile computing, Is there an über-device? What would it be?, What is the "tipping point" for wireless? and What are the killer mobile applications? What applications are we still waiting for?  A summary of the discussions of each group were presented to everyone the next day.

A Great Experience

I think it was an great experience to see and hear what others had to say about the Pocket PC 2002.  I really enjoyed seeing the MiPad Voice Recognition demos and I can't wait until our Pocket PCs have the horsepower to do the recognition on the device on the fly.  Overall, it was great to be with a group of PDA users that were very interested in discussing the new Pocket PC 2002.

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