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What Hardware Does Chris Carry?
By Chris De Herrera , Copyright 2001
Revised 12/11/2001

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The size of my bag...

From time to time, I get asked what kind of hardware do carry and use on a regular basis.  This is a list of the hardware I use right now when I travel.  I carry it with me to and from work as well as when I'm on a business or vacation trip to keep up with updating CEWindows.NET and e-mail.

Hardware List


Compaq iPAQ w/ Pocket PC 2002
Casio Fiva MPC-206e w/9 hour battery and power adapter, 5 speed external DVD player


Socket Digital Phone Card - Qualcomm 860
Socket Ruggedized CF Ethernet Card
Socket CF 10/100 Ethernet
Type II PC Card adapter
Multiple CF cards
IBM Microdrive 340 MB
A4Tech Mini Optical USB Mouse
Targus iPAQ Keyboard
Cisco Aironet 340 PC Card
ZComm XI-825 CF Card


Cat 5 cable for Ethernet - Retractable
Cat5 coupler
Cat3 Cross Over Adapter
Auto-coiling phone cord
Targus phone line tester
6"  iPAQ USB charging cable 


Macally 3 port portable usb hub 
Brookstone folding headphones
Right angle adapter for headphones
Eagle Power cube - 3 outlets in a 2 x 2 x 1 1/2" cube!
USB Light
Koss EQ30 - to boost the volume to the headphones
Glasses Cleaner

Why I Carry This Stuff?

I have found that when I visit a hotel or go to the office, there are times when I need some widget or another to fix a problem. I have found that it is a lot faster to pull out a widget from my bag and use it temporarily than it is to go to the store. I use my Fiva to update my website and retrieve e-mail.  I use the Pocket PCs for their PIMs and I test apps and hardware on them.  So now you know more about what I carry around.  I think it may help some of you decide what you may need in your bag of tricks along with your Pocket PC!

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