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Comdex 98
By Chris De Herrera, Copyright 1998
 Version 1.02  Revised 12/21/98

Bill Gates Keynote - 11/15/98

He focused on the following:

SGI 3D - a very powerful real-time (30 frames pmr second) multiple source and overlay video editing system. It is expected in January 1999 for approximately $4000! The resolution was tremendous - 1600x1600 from what I recall.

PC Companions - He introduced the H/PC Pro.  Also discussed were new ebooks.  According to Microsoft the next generation will be using Windows CE.

ClearType - A new method to increase the resolution of a LCD display.   This is being done to make books easier to read on the computer.  They are able to make the resolution 3x the original size.  This is done in the GDI and was demonstrated on a Windows CE H/PC (640x240).  This will be available for Windows CE, 98 and NT in future generations of the operating system.


Office 2000 and SQL Server 7.0 - There was a demonstration of English language query and embedding query requests in HTML e-mail messages.  Once the message is received, the user was able to query the database directly via e-mail.   Office 2000 was used to send and receive e-mail - it supports the vcard and ical standards for transferring personal data.  Also, the clipboard has been enhanced to allow you to copy up to 4 separate areas without losing any data!  Then you can paste in any order.  Draw 2000 is included in the Office 2000 suite.

Privacy - Microsoft has expressed their concern over privacy.   They are supporting groups such as the BBB Online and W3C to create and oversee privacy standards.

Inside Microsoft's ClearType Font Rendering Technology

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