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Casio Cassiopeia E-10/11 Hardware FAQ
By Casio

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As a service to the Windows CE community, Pocket PC FAQ is offering these files provided by Casio. No affiliation exists between Pocket PC FAQ and Casio USA, Inc.

Q. How do I activate the Action button when performing the initial setup? I tried to press Action on the screen but nothing happens.

A. The Action button is located on the left side of the E-10/E-11.

Q. What is the button combination for a full reset?

A. Hold the Power button and press the Reset button for at least two seconds.

Q. What is the button combination to recalibrate the stylus?

A. Hold the Power button and press the Action button inward.

Q. What is the button combination to adjust contrast?

A. Hold the Exit button and rotate the Action button upward for a darker display, or downward for a lighter display.

Q. How do I change the amount of time that the backlight stays on before turning off automatically?

A. Go to Start, then Settings, then Display, and then click the Backlight tab.

Q. My unit's backlight will not light or will only light for a few seconds.

A. This is a strong indication that the unit's batteries are at a low level condition. This is a function of the unit.

Q. I can hear a noise when the backlight is turned on. Is my E-10/E-11 broken?

A. No, this is normal. The internal EL backlight will make a slight noise when it is on.

Q. Does the E-10/E-11 support direct printing via the infrared or serial port?

A. Microsoft Windows CE for the palm-size PC does not currently support printing directly to a printer through either the serial interface or the IR port. However, there are third-party programs which have the ability to print documents.

Q. Can I transfer files between the E-10/E-11 and an H/PC through the infrared port?

A. Yes, you can. However some of the files (HTML) that you can see on the H/PC cannot be viewed from the E-10/E-11.

Q. What type of processor is in the E-10/E-11?

A. It is a 66 MHz NEC VR4111 CPU, 32-bit.

Q. Why does the System Properties display the processor as MIPS R4000?

A. The processor is NEC VR4111 of the MIPS R4000 family. R4000 series applications will run on E-10/E-11.

Q. File size of the CF memory card changed.

A. Press the Reset button.

P. Incompatibility with IBM ThinkPad series laptops.

S. Some ThinkPads have OS/2 installed as the primary boot partition and Windows 95 in a second partition. This may cause CE installation problems. If the PC is reconfigured to Windows 95 only then Windows CE should work fine.

Q. I forgot my password! What can I do?

A. If you forget your password, the only way to use your Cassiopeia again is to perform a full reset according to the manufacturer's instructions. Caution: this will delete all your data.

Q. How do I find out information about my Cassiopeia such as total memory, processor type or OS version?

A. Tap Start, then Settings, then System, then the General tab. This will show how much memory is installed in the system (not including expansion card memory). It will also specify the processor type, the Windows CE version and the type of expansion card (if one is installed).

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