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Casio Cassiopeia E-10/11 General FAQ
By Casio

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As a service to the Windows CE community, Pocket PC FAQ is offering these files provided by Casio. No affiliation exists between Pocket PC FAQ and Casio USA, Inc.

Q. Where are Pocket Word, Pocket Excel, Pocket PowerPoint, Pocket Internet Explorer, or Windows Explorer?

A. These applications are not included on the ROM in the E-10/E-11. It is not known at this time if they will be made available in the future for palm-size PC users.

Q. Why can't I install Pocket PowerPoint from the Optional Components folder on the Desktop Software for Windows CE CD-ROM ?

A. Pocket PowerPoint cannot be used with palm-size PC's as stated in section 2.7 of the Release Notes (the "readme" file from the Desktop Software for Windows CE CD-ROM).

Q. There is no exit button to close the application. How can I close a specific application?

A. Basically there is no need to close a specific application. If you really want to close the application, bring up the software keyboard and tap Ctl and Q sequentially, or tap Start/Settings/System/Task Manager, select the name of the application, and tap End Task.

Q. When using the Find function from the Start menu, my E-10/E-11 "hangs."

A. To regain use of the unit, perform a soft reset by pressing the Reset button with your stylus. To prevent this problem from occurring again, install the patch file which can be found on the following page on Microsoft's Web site:

Q. Can the patch files or Service Packs be installed unit-to-unit via the infrared port?

A. No.

Q. How do I find out how much memory is available?

A. In the System properties, the Memory tab will show how much memory is allocated for the system and how much is allocated for the user. To change the amount of memory available for each, move the slider to increase or decrease the amount of memory allocated for each. Remember, increasing one will decrease the other by the like amount.

Q. Can you take data from your CompactFlash card and plug it into your laptop or Cassiopeia?

A. Yes. However, the files on the card must be in the proper format in order to be used by the laptop or Cassiopeia applications. For example, a .doc (Word) file is not viewable by the Note Taker application on the Cassiopeia device. Likewise, a .pwi (Note Taker) file is not viewable by Word running on the laptop. File conversions are accomplished by dragging files into the Mobile Devices window. Also, Windows 95/98/NT applications cannot run on the Cassiopeia--only Windows CE programs are compatible with the Cassiopeia.

Q. All of the event times previously entered in the calendar are altered when I change from "home time" to "visiting time" or vice versa. When traveling, this is obviously not the correct time for the appointments. Is this normal?

A. Yes. This is a feature of Windows CE 2.0. The idea is that you would want your schedule to always reflect correctly the time you have in your home city. So if you had something occurring at a particular time each day or weekly, you would want your schedule to accurately reflect that, even if you are in another city. If the unit moved the calendar entry by a few hours, then it wouldn't reflect correctly what is actually taking place somewhere else.

Q. In Calendar, past appointments that are more than two weeks old are being deleted. I would like to keep my old appointments for a longer period of time.

A. Go to the Tools menu, and select ActiveSync Options. Under Synchronization Services, click on the word Appointment (not the check box) and click Options. From this window, you can change the number of weeks that past appointments are kept. While old appointments are deleted from the Cassiopeia, Schedule+ or Outlook may still retain them. A similar procedure can be used to manage old or completed tasks by selecting the Task options.

Q. Why does the Cassiopeia turn on automatically at midnight?

A. This is a function of the setting "Show daily agenda each day" in Calendar. To disable this function, open the Calendar application, go to Tools, and select Options. Remove the check mark next to "Show daily agenda each day," and tap OK.

Q. Can I set the alarm options for all appointments or tasks at once?

A. If you want to reset the alarm options for all appointments, do the following: On your desktop computer, open the Mobile Devices window and select ActiveSync Options from the Tools menu. On the Databases tab, select the Appointment database, and click Options. Set the appointment sliding window to 0 weeks in the future and 0 weeks in the past. Synchronize. On your Cassiopeia, set the reminder defaults to the reminder options you want. In ActiveSync Options, restore your original sliding window settings. Synchronize. All appointments should now have the default alarm options you just set. A similar scheme will work for the Tasks database.

Q. I entered birthdays for some of my contacts. How do I get these to appear in Calendar as well?

A. Connect to your desktop computer using Windows CE Services or ActiveSync and synchronize with Schedule+ or Outlook. The birthday should then appear in Calendar as an all-day event.

Q. "First day of week" option setting of the Calendar does not match with the Week view.

A. Week view starts with Sunday. When you tap pull down menu of the date display will reflect the "First day of week" setting.

Q. How can I change the default area code that appears when I enter a phone number in Contacts?

A. While in the Contacts application, go to the Tools menu, select Options, and enter the area code into the "Area code" box.

Q. I'm having trouble removing an application. What's up?

A. You can remove only applications you have installed; you cannot remove the applications that came preinstalled on the device. Also, you cannot remove an application that is running.

Q. Can I turn off the key clicks and taps so I don't make noise while taking notes during a meeting?

A. Use the Volume & Sounds control panel to turn down volume on key clicks and taps. Or, if you normally want the sounds on, but are going to a meeting or event where you temporarily want the device to be silent, you can use the Volume & Sounds control panel to turn off all sounds. Also, be sure to clear the Notifications check box to make sure your device doesn't surprise you with a noise.

Q. How do you check a Voice Recorder data file's format?

A. Hold the stylus on the name of a Voice Recorder data file for a few seconds, and you can see the details of the recording format. When you want to change the recording format, tap the Tools pull down menu and select "Recording Format."

Q. How do you select multiple files?

A. When you tap and select multiple files at the file display, initially try to tap and move up or down more than two files. To select two files, initially select three files, then move back to two files. You can check the multiple files' size by tapping File and then Properties.

Q. When I compose a new message at the Inbox and select name from the contact list, selected person's e-mail address at the Cc: box is copied to the To: section.

A. Inbox is using ; as a separator. Select the To: section, remove the ; from the end, then select Cc:.

Q. My Active Desktop shows mobile channel errors instead of upcoming appointments and active tasks like it used to.

A. This is caused by deleting files from the Temporary Internet Files folder on the E-10/E-11. To restore the Active Desktop to normal, you need to perform a full reset of the Cassiopeia. Before doing the full reset, copy all of your important documents individually to your desktop PC and synchronize with Schedule+ or Outlook. It is important that you do not use the backup function, as this will create a backup file which will also contain mobile channel errors.

Q. I have been using my unit for a few hours and when I click on the Audio Record button the system loads the Task List.

A. Press the Reset button and the unit will work properly.

Q. I cannot use Note Taker.

A. To recover, tap the display while pressing the Action button, and press Exit button. When opening the Note Taker after opening the Start menu by Action+Exit, this kind of condition occurs.

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