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Casio Cassiopeia E-100/105 Power FAQ
By Casio

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As a service to the Windows CE community, Pocket PC FAQ is offering these files provided by Casio. No affiliation exists between Pocket PC FAQ and Casio USA, Inc.

P. 1. CPU locks up randomly. 2. No touch panel entry. 3. Random communication Error messages.

S. The ACL (Automatic Power On Clear) cycle may not have been done effectively before using the unit for the first time. A) Remove both the main battery and the backup battery (this will erase anything that was entered in the unit). B) Wait five minutes. C) Load the main battery. D) Wait five seconds. E) Load the backup battery. Customers may be making the mistake of removing the backup battery's protection insulator prior to pressing Reset button.

Q. I just installed batteries into my unit and it will not power on.

A. Make sure the switch near the battery compartment is in the LOCK position.

Q. How can I make my batteries last longer?

A. To conserve batteries, turn off your sound, avoid letting the LED flash for long periods of time, and plug the device into AC power as much as possible.

Q. Can I recharge the battery pack by connecting the AC adapter directly to the E-100/E-105 without using the cradle?

A. Yes.

Q. Can I use the A-20's AC adapter?

A. The E-100/E-105 comes with the AC adapter. However, you can also use the A-20's AC adapter.

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