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Casio Cassiopeia E-100/105 Multimedia Pack FAQ
By Casio

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As a service to the Windows CE community, Pocket PC FAQ is offering these files provided by Casio. No affiliation exists between Pocket PC FAQ and Casio USA, Inc.

Q. Is the Multimedia Pack included with the E-100/E-105?

A. The Multimedia Pack is included with the E-105, but must be purchased separately for the E-100.

Q. How do I play MP3 files in Mobile Audio Player?

A. Mobile Audio Player does not play MP3 files directly. They need to be converted to WMA format first. Use the Mobile Audio Player Manager on the desktop PC to transfer the MP3 files to the E-100/E-105, where they will be converted to WMA format.

Q. I have transferred WMA files to the E-100/E-105, but Mobile Audio Player doesn't show them or won't let me add them to the playlist. Why?

A. The WMA files must reside in either the \My Documents folder or the \Storage Card\My Documents folder on the E-100/E-105. If you have placed WMA files elsewhere on the E-100/E-105, move them to one of those folders, then open Mobile Audio Player and click the Add button to add them to the playlist.

Q. I used Mobile Audio Player Manager to transfer music files to my Cassiopeia, where they were converted to WMA format. When I try to add the WMA files to my Mobile Audio Player playlist, I get the error message "The file format of filename.wma isnt supported." Why?

A. The version of Mobile Audio Player that originally shipped (version 4.0.20) supported an older version of the WMA format. Microsoft revised the format, and installing certain music programs caused new WMA codecs to be installed into Windows, which caused Mobile Audio Player Manager to generate WMA files incompatible with the older version of Mobile Audio Player. A new version ( of Mobile Audio Player and Mobile Audio Player Manager was released to address this issue. It can be downloaded by going to the following page on our Web site:

Q. How do I turn off the backlight while playing music in Mobile Audio Player?

A. Go to the Options menu and select Button Mapping. Assign the function "Dim/undim screen" to one of the buttons if you have not already done so. Then you can press that button to toggle the backlight.

F. While the backlight is turned off in Mobile Audio Player, the red light will glow to let you know the unit is still powered on.

Q. Why does the music from Mobile Audio Player stop playing when I open another application?

A. This is a function of Mobile Audio Player. There is no workaround.

Q. Auto power off does not occur when Mobile Audio Player is open.

A. This is a function of Mobile Audio Player. You can still power the unit off by pressing the Power button. After exiting Mobile Audio Player, the auto power off function should work properly again.

Q. My PC locks up whenever I try to unlock the music from the Multimedia Pack.

A. Install the latest version of Windows Media Player from Microsoft's Web site.

Q. I get an invalid page fault in module CMPEG.EXE when I use Mobile Video Converter.

A. Download the latest versions of DirectX and DirectX Media by going to the following page on Microsoft's Web site:
Also, you should download the latest version of the Intel Indeo codecs from:

Q. Mobile Video Converter doesn't convert QuickTime 4 video files.

A. This type of file cannot be converted at this time.

F. Generally, if the video file can be played in Windows Media Player on your PC, it can be converted using Mobile Video Converter. If it cannot be played in Windows Media Player, then it is not convertible. Remember that Windows Media Player offers the opportunity to try to download a new video codec if it cannot play a video file.

Q. PalmGolf does not have an Exit button as shown in the documentation. How do I exit the program?

A. Go to Start, then Settings, then System, then the Task Manager tab, and do an End Task on it.

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