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Casio Cassiopeia A-10/11 Upgrade FAQ
By Casio

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As a service to the Windows CE community, Pocket PC FAQ is offering these files provided by Casio. No affiliation exists between Pocket PC FAQ and Casio USA, Inc.

Q. Can Handheld PC's be upgraded?

A. During the designing of the Handheld PC, Microsoft worked with manufacturers to develop hardware guidelines to ensure that the devices would be easily upgradable when new versions of the Windows CE operating system or applications are released. The Windows CE operating system and the Microsoft suite of standard applications are installed in Handheld PC ROM. Each individual hardware manufacturer has their own upgrade path for ROM, either via simple user upgrade or factory service. Additional applications for the Handheld can be installed in RAM, such as Pocket Internet Explorer or Pocket Streets, and can be easily upgraded via desktop or Web-based download.

Q. How do I upgrade ROM and/or RAM?

A. Both ROM and RAM can be upgraded by the memory module accessible from the bottom side of the Cassiopeia. A Casio Authorized Reseller or Service Provider can remove the cover and release the two tabs that hold the memory module in the connector. The memory module can then be removed and a new one inserted. It is not recommended that users upgrade memory themselves due to Electrostatic Discharge and warranty issues.

F. The Casio CH-50150A charger requires the use of the Casio AC adapter AD-C50150U.

F. AC Adapter AD-C50150U, 5VDC, 1.0A CH-50150A charger Output 3.2VDC 0.125A NH-10A NiMh battery pack, 2.4VDC, 1150mAh

F. The following information deals with the operation of the A-10 & A-11 when used in conjunction with the following accessories: 1. UT-S11 (Docking Station) 2. AC-S10 (Mini Docking Station) 3. Modem (PCMCIA Type) 4. AC Adapter Note: The A-10 & A-11 will not operate with the UT-S11 or the AC-S11 under the following conditions, even when used with the AC adapter or the charger: * When the dry cell batteries or rechargeable battery pack in not loaded. * When the voltage of the dry cell batteries or rechargeable battery pack is below a certain level. The first time a PCMCIA modem is used in conjunction with either docking station the H/PC will prompt the user to select battery power or AC power. At this time it is advisable that the user select AC power. If the user selects battery power the H/PC will default to AC power. The H/PC defaults to AC power because some PCMCIA modems require more current than others. However, if the H/PC is not being used with either docking station and the user selects battery power from the menu the H/PC will not operate unless the H/PC has fully charged batteries.

F. When you attach the charger to the UT-S11 (cradle) the charging light will only come on if you have the NH-10A battery pack installed in the unit. If you have regular batteries installed with the charger attached the charging light will not come on.

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