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Casio Cassiopeia A-10/11 Internet/Modem FAQ
By Casio

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As a service to the Windows CE community, Pocket PC FAQ is offering these files provided by Casio. No affiliation exists between Pocket PC FAQ and Casio USA, Inc.

Q. I only receive part of my e-mail messages- what's happening?

A. If you receive only part of your Internet mail message, your Handheld PC may be set to limit the size of downloaded messages. To check the line limit, while still in the mail service, tap Properties on the Service menu. Tap Next until the transfer limit is displayed.

P. I can't log onto The Microsoft Network, even though all the parameters seem to be correct.

S. When preparing to dial, in the User box, enter MSN/ followed by your username. Example: Your username is smith. You would enter MSN/smith.

P. Customer is using a PCMCIA modem. He has created a Remote Networking connection file, but cannot dial the number or even get a dial tone.

S. Customer might not have the PCMCIA modem selected. Go to Start, Programs, Communications, Remote Networking. Single-click the icon of the connection, go to the File menu at the top of the screen, and select Properties. A new screen appears, where he can go to "Select a modem," pull down the menu, and pick the name of the model he's using.

P. Customer has tried several PCMCIA modems, which has created selections for each modem under "Select a modem" in dialing properties. He would like to get rid of the extra selections that he won't be using.

S. Turn the unit off and press the RESET button.

P. I have a new PCMCIA Flash RAM card. The unit recognizes the card, but I cannot save files to it.

S. Erase any files that may have been pre-installed.

Q. Why can't I send or receive mail on Microsoft Network (MSN) with Inbox?

A. Although you can use MSN as your ISP for browsing the Web, you cannot receive MSN mail using Inbox, which requires a POP3/SMTP mail server. MSN currently uses a proprietary mail server and cannot be configured with Inbox.

F. If you decide to use a PCMCIA card (Modem or RAM) with the A-10 or A-11 be sure to note the following: 1. When you a using a card for the first time a warning message will appear: Battery power may not be sufficient to run your PC card. Do you want to use this PC card on battery power? Note : Select YES for H/PC battery power or NO for AC power. Some PC cards, such as modem cards, require AC power. If you choose YES you may want to save any work in progress.

Q. What modem can I use with the Cassiopeia?

A. You can use a PCMCIA Type II modem inserted into the PCMCIA slot, or an external modem connected to the RS-232C port on the left side using the included cable along with a null-modem cable.

F. Customers looking for PCMCIA modems or Flash RAM cards to use can consult Microsoft's Windows CE Hardware Compatibility List for some PCMCIA devices that will work with the Cassiopeia. The list can be found at Keep in mind that this list only represents devices that were tested with Windows CE, and are not the only devices that will work.

Q. How do I determine the connection speed of my Remote Networking connection?

A. Windows CE does not report the connection speed when you use AutoDial with Remote Networking. When you use manual dial, you can enter the modem dial command in a terminal window (usually ATDTxxxx for touch-tone dial, or ATDPxxxx for pulse dial, where xxxx is the telephone number) and the connection speed should appear after you connect.

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