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Casio H/PC Explorer 1.1 FAQ
By Casio

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As a service to the Windows CE community, Pocket PC FAQ is offering these files provided by Casio. No affiliation exists between Pocket PC FAQ and Casio USA, Inc.

F. If you are using H/PC Explorer 1.0, it is recommended that you download H/PC Explorer version 1.1 from Microsoft's Web site at .

Q. What does H/PC Explorer 1.1 do that the original version didn't?

A. H/PC Explorer 1.1 retains all the functionality of the original version, and adds support for Outlook 97, Word 97, Excel 97 and Windows NT Workstation 4.0.

Q. Are any changes required to Windows CE or the applications on the Cassiopeia to support the new features of H/PC Explorer 1.1?

A. No. All of the new features are implemented on the desktop PC by installing H/PC Explorer 1.1.

Q. Does H/PC Explorer 1.1 support synchronization with versions of Windows before Windows 95 and Windows NT Workstation 4.0?

A. No. Only PC's running Windows 95 and Windows NT Workstation 4.0 are supported by H/PC Explorer 1.1.

Q. Does H/PC Explorer 1.1 support synchronization with versions of Schedule+ prior to version 7.0a?

A. No. Schedule+ 7.0a or later is the only version of Schedule+ supported by H/PC Explorer 1.1.

Q. Can I sync my Handheld PC with more than one desktop computer?

A. You can't concurrently sync an Handheld PC with two separate desktop computers, but you can come close by using the Combine feature. For example if you sync your H/PC with you home computer, when you connect to the computer in your office, a dialog box will appear asking if you want to establish your Handheld PC as a guest or new partner. Select new partner, which will destroy the relationship between the Handheld PC and your home computer. Then, when you sync your Handheld PC with your office computer, you'll be asked to either Combine or Discard the Handheld PC data. If you select Combine, it will combine the data on the Handheld PC with the data on the office computer and remove any duplicates. The net effect is that all data from your home computer and your Handheld PC is moved to your office computer. If you delete an object from either your home or office computer or your Handheld PC, it will reappear when you switch partners between Handheld PC-home and Handheld PC-office. Nonetheless, this can be a useful way of periodically synchronizing two desktop computers.

P. I try to connect to H/PC Explorer, but the unit displays "Connecting to Host, Retry 1, Retry 2, ..." and doesn't connect .

S. On the desktop computer, go to Control Panel, double-click the System icon, and click the Device Manager tab. Double-click Modem, then double-click the port that your unit is connected to. Click the Modem tab, and in the Maximum speed list, select 19200. Then reboot the desktop computer and try again.

P. H/PC Explorer kicks me out after I receive an error message referring to an Illegal operation for RPCRT4.DLL .

S. Download the new RPCRT4.DLL at

P. I see a message that says my desktop computer hasn't heard from my H/PC (In the last 30 or 60 seconds).

S. The H/PC may be out of memory. Check to make sure there are no messages on your H/PC indicating low Memory. If there are any such messages, resolve them, and then click Yes to continue synchronization. A program on your H/PC can consume all available resources, leaving none for communicating with the desktop computer. Close programs on your H/PC. If necessary, press ALT+TAB, select each item (separately) in the Active Tasks list, and then tap End Task.

P. I get the error "Failed to start remote services" when trying to communicate with H/PC Explorer 1.1 on Windows NT 4.0.

S. Disable the Microsoft Winsock Proxy Client in the Windows NT control panel.

F. * In terms of synchronization, H/PC Explorer 1.1 works the same way as version 1. Simply connect your H/PC to your PC, and synchronization begins automatically. You can also enable automatic backup of your H/PC to your PC every time you connect. Automatic synchronization and/or backup can be turned off, and the processes run manually if you wish. The setup program allows you to choose if you'd like to synchronize with Outlook, Schedule+, or a combination of the two. ** It's important that you install and configure either Outlook 97 or Schedule+ 7.0a before you synchronize your H/PC. Otherwise, H/PC Explorer 1.1 will be unable to find the location for your calendar, contacts, tasks and e-mail that your desktop software uses during setup. File conversion from desktop Word and Excel to Pocket Word and Pocket Excel also works the same as before. Simply drag the file you want from the desktop to the H/PC, or from the H/PC to the desktop, and conversion and file transfer happen automatically. It's important that you install Microsoft Office before installing H/PC Explorer so that H/PC Explorer can find the desktop versions of Word and Excel and their associated converter software modules during setup. *** H/PC Explorer 1.1 now enables you to dock H/PC's with PC's running either Windows NT Workstation 4.0 or Windows 95. **** The terms of the End User License Agreement for H/PC Explorer 1.1 have been changed to allow customers to install H/PC Explorer 1.1 on any PC that they wish to dock their H/PC with. While Handheld PC's can only establish a partnership relationship with a single PC at a time, Handheld PC's can dock as guests of another PC to exchange files.

Q. Will Microsoft support synchronization with other desktop PIMs with H/PC Explorer 1.1?

A. No. Microsoft works with third-party companies like Puma Technology, which develop their own products to enable synchronization between other PIM products and Handheld PC's.

Q. Can I copy contacts from my Personal Address Book (.pab) in Microsoft Exchange to the Contacts database on mv Handheld PC?

A. Yes, but first you have to copy your personal address book from Microsoft Exchange to Microsoft Schedule+ on your desktop computer. To do so, open your Mailbox.pab file in Microsoft Word. Select the table, and convert the table to text using comma delimiters. Then save the file as Text Only without CR/LF. Next, import the text file into Schedule+. Follow the directions in Schedule+ to save your PAB data as Contacts. After you've saved the new contacts in Schedule+, they can be synchronized with the Contacts database on your H/PC.

Q. How can I get an e-mail address for a contact in Schedule+ to show up in Contacts on my Handheld PC?

A. To make an e-mail address for a name in your Schedule+ Contacts list appear in the Email1 field in the Contacts database on your Handheld PC, enter the e-mail name in the User1 field on the Notes tab in Schedule+.

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