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Pocket PC 2002 Bugs - Hewlett Packard
By Chris De Herrera, Copyright 2000-2002

 Version 1.09  Revised 2/4/2002

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Here is a list of bugs that people have reported with their Hewlett Packard Jornada Pocket PC 2002.  Whenever possible, I will list how the problem has been resolved.   This page does not address hardware issues where components fail due to mishandling.  Submit your bugs to Chris@Pocket PC FAQ and I will add them here.

This bug list does not represent the views of Microsoft or the hardware manufacturers to identify or resolve issues with their products. The issues listed here may or may not be addressed by Microsoft and/or the hardware manufacturers as they see fit. All items listed are based on reports from users which may or may not be accurate.

Date Added Device Problem Description Resolution

Hewlett Packard

2/4/01 Jornada 560 Series When using the Calendar, the cursor pad does not scroll up/down in the same day instead it works the same as the left/right which scrolls to the previous/next day Install HP's service Pack 1 to resolve this issue.
11/02/01 Jornada 560 Series The backlight does not light all the way to the top of the screen.  This is most noticeable if you hold the unit at an angle where the bottom is higher than level. Open Issue.
11/02/01 Jornada 560 Series When inserting or removing the CompactFlash card, the device goes automatically on; This could sometimes bring problems (if you haven't closed a program running on the CompactFlash card)  Since the system automatically manages closing applications the user does not know when the application is really closed unless they check Start -Settings - System - Memory to make sure. Submitted by Daniel Fraenk This is by design.  However users should know this so they can make sure their device is turned off.
10/31/01 Jornada 560 Series Start/Settings/Buttons - there is no way to redefine the Hot key 1(Hold) as that button is not on the list of buttons. Submitted by Ron Broadhurst Open Issue
10/31/01 Jornada 560 Series With headphones plugged in you can hear a loud hissing noise on the right channel. Submitted by Marc Zimmermann Open Issue
10/30/01 Jornada 560 Series Using Win 2K, USB cradle connection to sync. When I pull the 568 out of the cradle, sometimes it will not stop running active sync. The icon still shows up in the lower right hand corner of the today screen. Every time this happens, the HP will lock up at some point of using the PDA. If the HP successfully disengages, then the lockup will not happen. Submitted by Kevin Harrington Open Issue
10/23/01 Jornada 560 Series Display has pink lines throughout.  At one time pressing on the case, the display would go back to normal. See Picture of Pink Screen. Reported by Tim Warner, PDA Life. Contact HP for repair.
10/23/01 Jornada 560 Series HP Travel Adapter makes loud buzzing sound while charging unit. Open Issue. In the meantime, you can use a Jornada 540 series charger instead since they are the same voltage.
10/21/01 Jornada 560 Series User hears quiet  popping from the unit when they use the Jornada after the mute option has been selected. Open Issue
10/21/01 Jornada 560 Series Dark Gray frame around the display is not completely sealed.  I see light coming from the edge of the Dark Gray area towards the edge of the unit near the Home and Tasks button.  It looks rectangular. Open Issue - Does not affect the usability of the unit.
10/21/01 Jornada 560 Series Backlight is a blue tint.  With the Fire theme installed, the color looks more brown than red.  This will make pictures look more blue than other colors due to the tint of the backlight. Open Issue
10/18/01 Jornada 560 Series Paint rubs off the device after a month of use.  The plastic underneath is grey. Open Issue
10/2/01 Jornada 560 Series Dust is visible in the center and the corner of the display See Photo of Dust. Open Issue

Submit your bugs to Chris@Pocket PC FAQ and I will add them here.  Include the device you are using and the steps that you took to confirm the issue. Please indicate whether or not I may publish your name as the submitter of the problem.

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